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Art and Design Services

Art and design
are my passions.

Hello! I’ve been working as a professional graphic designer for over 20 years with experience in creative visual design for branding, packaging, print, digital media, and UI/UX Ceros experiences. It’s more than just visuals, it’s a language that brings stories to life. My approach centers on understanding ideas and crafting compelling, market-ready artwork. I dive deep into projects, asking questions to align with plotted goals. I work collaboratively to create polished, purposeful designs.

Every project is an opportunity to transform ideas into visual masterpieces. Let’s embark on a collaborative journey to bring your vision to life in a polished and thoughtfully designed work of art. My success is built upon infusing each project with my passion, turning them into visual stories that captivate and inspire. Together, we’ll breathe life into your next project, crafting a vivid narrative that resonates with your audience.

Let me help you visualize your next project!

Expertise: benchmark studies, branding, Ceros UI/UX, collateral, data sheets, environment signage, following established brand guidelines, graphs and charts, infographics, packaging design, pitch decks and sales presentations, white papers.


Ceros & Websites
Branding, Digital, Illustration
Branding, Illustration, Packaging, Print
Branding, Digital, Illustration
Posters & Invites
Branding, Digital, Illustration, Print
Branding, Digital, Illustration, Print
Case Studies & White Papers
Branding, Digital, Illustration, Print
Environment Design
Branding, Illustration, Print
Illustrations & Visual Art
Branding, Digital, Illustration, Packaging, Print
Pitch Decks & Digital Presentations
Branding, Digital, Illustration
Branding + Corporate Identity
Branding, Digital, Illustration, Packaging, Print
Social Media & Banner Ads
Branding, Digital, Illustration
Direct Mail Packaging Campaign
Branding, Packaging, Print

Creative Process

Inspired and inspiring.

Collaborating with a graphic designer you can trust, who actively listens and brings your vision to life, is paramount. While some designers may impose their ideas, my approach is collaborative and client-focused. Our journey begins and concludes with your vision. Together, we define what success means for you. My commitment to going above and beyond—it’s not just what I do it’s what I’m about.

Your vision leads to your destination.

When you reach out to me, you can count on my responsiveness. I strive to facilitate your vision-sharing process, ensuring clarity and conciseness in what I can provide. My pricing and schedule are straightforward, leaving no room for surprises—just a commitment to delivering value, quality, and a pleasant experience. After all, as we embark together, my responsibility is to ensure a seamless experience and make sure you have an enjoyable journey!

Software + Platforms

Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Acrobat.
Platforms: Ceros, MailChimp, Marketo, and WordPress.
Office Tools: Microsoft Office, Keynote, and Google Workspace.


Lasting Impressions

Katie’s creative talent is truly impressive, consistently delivering eye-catching and impactful designs that resonate with our audience. Her attention to detail and dedication to quality shine through in every piece of work she produces.

Katie is not just a designer but a valuable partner who consistently goes the extra mile to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Her clear communication, transparent pricing, and unwavering professionalism have made each project a seamless and enjoyable process.

We have enjoyed working with Katie as our senior contract designer during our rebrand and several mergers.”

– Diane M., E2open

“Katie is not only a highly skilled designer, she is my secret weapon! Her ability to transform our ideas into visually stunning designs is remarkable. Her dedication to understanding our brand and objectives result in designs that consistently exceed our expectations to win accounts.

She consistently meets deadlines, communicates effectively, and actively seeks feedback, ensuring that each design aligns perfectly with our vision. Her creativity, professionalism, and dedication to our projects have made Katie an invaluable part of our team.”

– Felix O., Meet Me In The Cloud

“Katie is an extremely creative, driven, and resourceful designer. She is exceptionally talented, always delivering ‘better than asked for’ results. Katie is also always responsive and takes the time to gather information and digest it prior to making a judgment – this increases efficiencies while decreasing turnaround time and budget spent. Katie is also extremely pleasant. Her personality is a major plus (on top of her talent).”

– Tiffany M., Recruitics

“Katie has been a great addition to our teams talent on a number of requests. She quickly tackled landing page updates and enhancements in Ceros. Balancing needed improvements to the overall user experience within the allotted timeframe. Her talent shows when tasked to solve for conceptual needs, where she makes various suggestions that are inline with established brand guidelines. We value her commitment to meeting milestones in compressed timeframes, and occasional off-hour requests. We look forward to working together on additional projects.”

– Andrew W., Berkshire Grey

“Katie is a great Designer. She did a wonderful job at staying within our brand guidelines and elevating our project.”

– Pippa P., Clinicient

“Kudos to Katie, she is amazing to work with. She was so easy and pleasant to work with. She went above and beyond to help. She listened to our business needs as it pertains to design work and created beautiful package labels for an upcoming product release!”

– Samantha H., Texas Original Compassionate Cannabis Cultivation

“I’m so glad I chose to work with Katie on a complex interactive design project that carries a lot of weight within my company. Katie is responsive, patient, a good communicator, easy to work with, highly accurate, works quickly, and has really solid Ceros design skills. Highly recommend!”

– Rachel J., Trimble Construction

“Katie is professional, efficient, and so easy to work with. Her outcomes are always amazing–I would absolutely hire her for more projects and recommend her work to anyone who needs fabulous graphic design work!”

– Stephanie F., Foxit Software


Contact Me

Effective design work begins with a vision. Sometimes the vision changes midstream. The beauty and wonder of the journey is knowing that together, we will reach your destination successfully. Every journey is different and they all start with the first step. When you contact me I will be responsive. I am happy to sign an NDA or other disclosure if required.

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